Alison McGordon, LMSW

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 Adult Practitioner

By providing you with a safe, non-judgmental environment, we can explore any issues or topics that may be on your mind. Self-care awareness and mental health/wellbeing is vital, especially with the events taking place throughout the world today. It is important to honor and identify your feelings and address them head on. To be vulnerable and explorative surrounding your feelings can be difficult, however, my goal is to support and assist in helping you find creative and efficient ways to process whatever you need to. As your therapist, it is my role to help you see things through a different lens. Like a ball of yarn, it may take time to unravel it all, but once untangled, you can turn that ball of yarn into a cozy sweater! My sessions will provide practical solutions that will ultimately aid you in future situations to be more resilient and understanding of your own personal coping processes.

After obtaining my Masters of Social Work at Arizona State University, I worked in higher education, child welfare, and hospital settings. I have hosted self-esteem and mentorship programs for youth and teens in the South Phoenix Community. My experience includes working with people battling depression, grieving, experiencing anxiety, trauma, insecurity, abuse and neglect. Additionally, I have worked with the LBGTQIA community, Native American community, and foster care youth. My primary service to the community is to foster meaningful and therapeutic relationships with women of color seeking mental health and wellness therapy