Cynthia Hauser, LCSW

Adult Practitioner 

I believe in strong, effective therapy. I only make one assumption when I work with people — they are looking for results.

It is possible to have a happy and fulfilling life. It is not necessary for anyone to live with anxiety, depression, unhealthy coping skills, or prolonged difficulties in the aftermath of trauma.

I believe there is no such thing as a problem that has no solution. I have had success working with a variety of mental health issues such as weight loss issues, severe trauma, PTSD, gender transition, severe and mild depression, anxiety, and relationship issues. We work together to find solutions to specific problems.

Effective therapy can change everything. Through effective cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and EMDR we work together to change your mind to change your life. I also offer groups that provide education about weight gain, mental health, and life transitions.

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