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Jordan Johansen LMSW

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 Child and Adolescent Practitioner

I believe in the power of connection, in embracing the quirks that make us individuals, and in fostering a space where vulnerability is not just accepted but celebrated.


Whether it's through the language of play, art, or the dialogue of words, I tailor my therapeutic approach to fit each young person's unique journey. Cognitive-behavioral techniques, expressive arts, and a sprinkle of humor are my tools to help your child or teenager navigate challenges with grace.


I understand the importance of a strong support system. That's why I actively involve families in the therapeutic process, ensuring that our work extends beyond the session and becomes a collaborative effort toward growth and understanding.


Join me in a space designed to be comfortable, inviting, and geared towards growth. Together, we'll explore the unique narrative of your child or teen, celebrate victories, and navigate challenges with resilience. Life is an adventure, and I'm here to help make it a fulfilling one for your young ones.

Ginka Conrey LMSW: TeamMember
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