Joy Carter, LMSW

Adult Practitioner 

Caring for your mental wellness can often be a challenge, especially for busy women with many personal and professional responsibilities. You do not have to suffer in silence with stress, anxiety, and depression. I provide a place where everyone can express their emotions without judgment. As your therapist, I will honor and acknowledge your feelings about your life experiences. I offer an objective perspective so you can use your strengths and inner knowing to gain insight and challenge perspectives that do not serve you so you can live your best life. As Audre Lorde states, taking time to care for yourself “…is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation…” I would be honored to partner with you in caring for your mental wellness.


I have been a Licensed Master Social Worker since 2000 and have experience in community mental health and medical settings. My experience includes working with people who struggle with anxiety, depression, trauma, stress, low self-esteem, intimate partner violence, a history of abuse, grief, adjusting to life transitions, and chronic illness. In addition, I have studied mindfulness, meditation, guided visualization, and coaching practices to support those that I serve. A primary focus of my practice is to offer a safe space for women of color seeking mental health therapy. I stay connected to the social work community by supporting master’s level social work student interns at Arizona State University as a Field Liaison

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