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Mitch Krmpotich, LMSW

Adult and Adolescent Practitioner 

OCD Specialist

I am a passionate person. When I am interested in something, I love to dive in and learn everything I can. This especially applies to my work. I have the unique privilege of getting to know my clients, their passions, and their struggles. I have specially dedicated my work to OCD treatment. Using ERP (Exposure and Response Prevention) allows me to combine the art and the science of therapy. I find that as we learn to accept our fears and face them, we can regain ownership over our lives, no longer being ruled by fear. We can learn to accept uncertainty and find long-term joy in the ordinary parts of our lives.

Therapy can be challenging, yet fun. I love seeing my clients' reactions when they are able to achieve a seemingly impossible goal. I apply functional analysis to my sessions to help people get back to value-driven behavior, sometimes while bringing anxiety along with them.

I have a variety of experiences that led me to becoming a therapist. I have experience in professional sports, journalism, sales, coaching, jazz music, and more. Ultimately, all of this led me to a desire to give back to others and my community. I pride myself on my ability to build relationships with others. I like to think I know a little bit about a lot of things and I am always happy to learn more in order to build connection.

I have also worked with many clients with a variety of faith backgrounds. I am open to working with those who are interested in incorporating their spirituality into therapy. Your spiritual beliefs are very important to me and I will not impose my beliefs onto you.

While working together, we can start to see our problems as challenges rather than set backs.

"Everything we want is on the other side of hard." - Monty Williams

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