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Ben Thornley, LCSW

Family Therapist

There is a wealth of evidence pointing to the importance of the relationship between therapists and their clients, and in my clinical practice, I have found this to be a vital factor in the success of my therapeutic approach. That is why I will attempt to ask the right questions and always listen carefully to your answers so that I can really understand what things are like from your point of view. I am passionate about helping my clients to find solutions to their problems and to overcome difficulties such as low mood; anxiety; guilt and shame; anger; relationship difficulties; and other social and emotional challenges. Whether you come to me for individual therapy, or as part of a couple or a family, I will listen to your story with compassion and without judgment, checking with you all the time to make sure that I fully understand what it is you are wanting from your therapy. I will work collaboratively with you, using my knowledge, skills, and nearly 20 years of experience as a social worker and therapist, to help you find the happiness and wellbeing that you are looking for and the life that you desire.

I have been a DBT therapist for ten years, and draw upon CBT and DBT to help clients explore their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, looking for changes that they can make towards overcoming unhelpful and damaging elements towards more adaptive and successful approaches to living a happy and meaningful life. A life in which you can truly feel fulfilled and achieve your full potential. As a family therapist, I can explore patterns and issues in your relationships with your loved ones, families, and friends, helping to identify harmful interactions or problematic dynamics, and working out more positive, mutually nurturing ways of interrelating with each other.

Ben Thornley, LMSW: TeamMember
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