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Claire McLoone, LMSW

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 Late Adolescent and Adult Practitioner

My approach to therapy is to create a space that is compassionate, non-judgmental, and effective.  Change happens when we can be radically honest; this involves a therapeutic relationship built on openness, transparency, and trust. I am committed to providing an affirming space for all members of our community, including people who do sex work and people who use drugs. I am proud to provide a practice that celebrates 2SLQBTQIA+ individuals. I respect the healing traditions and knowledge of diverse cultures with an attitude of cultural humility.

After over a decade of working in residential treatment, community mental health, school social work, education, and research, I found my passion in Harm Reduction - meeting a client exactly where they are and embracing any positive change.  This is a well-researched, client-centered framework, complementing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing.  I also draw from narrative and mindfulness models, reframing beliefs from a grounded perspective. I utilize a trauma-informed approach with all individuals.

I work with adults, youth, and couples who are seeking to implement new strategies in their lives - especially individuals who have had negative experiences in mental health systems. I also have worked with people who experience psychosis, though my practice is not limited to these arenas. While therapy focuses on our internal landscape, I acknowledge systemic causes of stress and trauma are vital factors in healing.

In my view, therapy is a powerful tool to help us identify our needs, communicate effectively, and navigate increasingly complex systems, all while facilitating authenticity. Therapy should be a reprieve from stigma and judgment, enabling us to experiment with new approaches to create change - and most importantly, regain a sense of hope and belonging. 

Ginka Conrey LMSW: TeamMember
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