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Dr. Greg Moody,

Dr. Greg Moody, LAC

Adult Practitioner/ Couples Therapist

Welcome! I have a varied background so I like to think this helps me relate to a broad range of challenges you or you and your spouse might be having. I specialize in working with couples, specifically professional couples as well as men’s issues and challenges in the world today.


When I work with couples usually the big five issues of sex, money, kids, time, and extended family come up in some form. If you’re reading this maybe that’s you or maybe not - either way you probably want something to change. Whether it’s communication or getting through conflicts or infidelity we can start with where you’re at and work towards building a better relationship where you haven’t only solved the problems you’ve come in with but leave with a better relationship for the future.


If you’re a man (or looking for your husband, partner, or relative) I help with issues that you struggle with most, such as depression, stress (family and work related), cheating, marriage/relationship issues, anger, and emotional intimacy, and many others. I’m like you and know what men deal with. We’ll work together so you can feel heard and find some new ways to solve your problems and feel better.  


For professionals, executives, and business owners, because I have, and continue to run multiple businesses in retail and consultation over the last three decades, I can offer an inclusive perspective on your life because of the experience I can share.


You can read my bio below and schedule a time for a free chat to get started!


Dr. Greg Moody started his career as an engineer working in aerospace – a literal rocket scientist.  He went on to get a Master of Counseling degree at Arizona State University and followed up with a Ph.D. in education, focused on special needs and gifted education. The doctoral research he did was a groundbreaking study on Bullying Prevention and martial arts and did further work with kids with autism.


He’s also an accomplished business owner and consultant. He’s owned 8 different multi-million dollar businesses and consults in education, bullying prevention, marketing, business development as well as his work as a therapist.


A 30+ year martial artist, he’s an 8th degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and what is considered a “Chief Master Instructor”, working with students as young as 3 years old with all varieties of special needs to adult world champion fighters.

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