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India Purnell, LMSW

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Child and Adolescent Practitioner 

Strength is not in the pain that you endure. Strength is the vulnerability to fearlessly embrace the emotions you have. To allow yourself to feel unapologetic. And then, pull yourself together and choose to push through adversity. Because strength isn't always “having it all together”, it's about the courage to admit when you don’t.  If you are proving anything to anyone, it’s yourself. While the idea of this mindset may sound difficult to achieve, with my help we will work through obstacles to enact change from within. 


Once I received my Masters of Social Work, I worked in the criminal justice sector, higher education, and school counseling settings with Kindergarten through 12th grade adolescents. My work as an Instructor for Arizona State University’s Stress Management Tool I course has allowed me to share my passion for the mindfulness process and cognitive behavioral techniques with young adults to promote awareness of self and others. I have experience working with a variety of clientele included but not limited to those seeking trauma informed care, EMDR therapy and substance abuse support.I have also worked with the LBGTQIA community, Native American community, and SMI youth. 


I believe that the universe has a way of bringing truth, goodness, and beauty into our lives. We live in motion constantly and rarely make time to give thanks and just be aware. Aware of our blessings and our curses- for they teach us to appreciate our lives even more when we stumble at times. When working with me, we work to remove the barriers in life so you can:


Live, with no hesitation.

Love, with no hesitation.

Cry, with no hesitation.

Celebrate, with no hesitation. 

Plan, with no hesitation. 

Grow, with no hesitation. 

Act, with no hesitation.

Speak, with no hesitation. 

Do, with no hesitation.

Be, with no hesitation.


Tomorrow waits for no one, let’s start your new journey today.

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